With the Republican nominees chances of taking out the US presidency all but gone, it appears the rumours that Donald Trump is creating a new white-nationalist media empire seem to be coming to fruition.

The ever increasing calls by Trump himself and many in his inner circle claiming this election has been rigged is mainly stead in the fact of the apparent massive media bias towards the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Whether this is correct or not is for far better media experts than myself to speculate on, but what has become crystal is the clear divide between right wing and left wing media organisations in the US.

It appears that the once founding principal of ‘journalistic objectivity’ has all but evaporated with the ever-increasing rise of juxtaposition news programs. Not just single programs on networks but whole networks (think CNN and FOX).

What this massive divide in the media’s political reporting will do to the US post this election is a serious cause for concern. When Trump at the third and final debate refused to acknowledge he would accept a Clinton victory, my instant thought was to 146 years ago in the Abraham Lincoln versus Stephen A. Douglas presidential race.

This race was fought on the morality of slavery; Douglas and his supports exclaimed that they too would not accept a Lincoln victory.

With many historians claiming that the media diet of a southern Douglas supporter to that of a northern and western Lincoln supporter, was so skewed and pandered to each of their preconceived notions. It is no surprise civil war broke out just 5 weeks after Lincoln’s inauguration.

I do not think that once against the union will split and descended into a civil war. It will most likely be more of a constant and simmering discontent that will only continue to grow until 2020.

However the geo-political scene over the next four years may prove to be an ever bigger challenge for the president. With the ever-increasing rise of China and its push in Asia, Europe and its move away from the European Union and an American economy in record levels of foreign debt.

The union may find itself slowly slipping further and further into the abyss, and then my thoughts go to 100 years ago when under similar circumstances the era World War I and II began.